Careless Human Environmental Destruction

Careless Human Environmental Destruction

For multiple reasons the human race could possibly be called a blessing. Great advanced in technology, drugs and even the fact we will be the most sophisticated species on earth. Are we a gift idea to the world, or far from it? With cast levels of pollution and destruction of the earth, not to mention unthinkable works of violence and hate that has been going on since the beginning of time. Are we seriously as sophisticated and important as we have led ourselves to trust? Are we any much better than any different creature because we happen to be more technologically advanced? Is the human race a blessing?

Humans possess destroyed and endangered more species on our planet than any different species or group, with our continuous pollution and nsf gpg lack of respect for out very own environment. One section of the world influenced by our careless behaviors is certainly our coastlines and the marine habitats that vast levels of species rely on. These particular areas of the community are becoming destroyed because human beings don’t seem to be to care as long as they make several dollars in the process. Oil spills like the an individual in the Prince William Sound on the coast of Alaska and Hawaiian ocean turtles and their many troubles with humans are just some examples of human being carelessness and the consequences that the environment, specifically marine wildlife incur, which frequently are fatal.

I chose this particular subject because I get the ocean and it’s really unique and unusual inhabitants to become interesting. Every coastline features its one different species and no two areas are the same. I wanted to find out more about how humans will be destroying the habitats of the unique creatures. I found that all species happen to be in someway staying threatened by human being dominance and carelessness. From the normal flounder or sea star you can get when you walk over the beach to a rare fish like the coelacanth (prehistoric fish that was believed to be extinct until one was trapped off the layer of Madagascar by an area industrial fisherman until in the 1950’s). The ocean can be a calm and loving but may easily turn into a vicious killer within seconds. All of these points are what I locate thus interesting about the ocean. I wanted to learn why people can continue steadily to destroy it despite the fact that they know the effect of their actions. I guess some people are ignorant and simply just don’t care if indeed they destroy the things that make our environment so beautiful.

One exemplory case of our careless destruction of our environment is the Exxon Valdez oil spill off the coastline of Alaska in 1989. The Prince William Sound still shows signs or symptoms of the essential oil spill tem years later. Many species have recovered because the spill, but most are still troubled. The Harbor Seal and herring are just two who are essential to the survival of all species in the region. Herring are the key source of food for most species in the region, including individuals. (Mitchell, p.98) „The ecosystem is slowly but surely recovering from the spill,“ says Molly McCammon, an Executive director of the Exxon Valdez Essential oil Spill Trustee Council, „but it will never be exactly like it was twenty years in the past.“ The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council was founded to oversee the application of nine hundred million us dollars to the region by the federal government after settling with the Exxon Provider for one billion dollars in criminal and civil damages. One serious issue in the aftermath of Exxon Valdez is the decline of herring. (The table shows the chave in populations of Prince William Sound before and after the Exxon Valdez spill.)

Even more disturbing than the truth herring aren’t recovering along with other species like them may be the fact they were on the decline prior to the accident. This was a major issue because herring are the center of the ecosystem in the Audio. Many biologists now think that over angling of the herring has got contributed to their decline. The Pacific Herring is merely one species of the area, but if you see how essential that one species can be to the ecosystem of the Alaskan coastline than you get started to see how significant all species are to their particular habitats. This is merely one example, but if you take a species out of its environment, a chain reaction would take place, hurting the species around it.

Another species that biologists are beginning to study wit the money received from the Exxon Valdez settlement is the Alaskan Salmon. The oil spill has kept the Alaskan Salmon on the decline until recently, but still the species is reeling. „The last two years have been extremely positive for the Alaskan Salmon people,“ stated one Alaskan biologists. But her issues were more centered on the salmon offspring, which had been effected by the spill. Fry, as seen in the remaining vial, were harmed by the essential oil. The fry still come in contact with oil when essential oil pockets seep into some intertidal spawning streams. „These pockets will be like mines,“ says Jeffrey Brief, a scientist with the National Marine Fisheries Assistance. Scientist discovered the oil induced genetic defects in salmon. Many species in the Prince William Sound are still recovering from the spill. This is just one spill and you may start to see the devastation it has manufactured upon its ecosystem. It has been called one of many worst oil spills ever sold. But you can see right now there has been numerous spills that are nearly as areas might hardly ever fully recover from the spill on their ecosystem. The devastation of an essential oil spill is merely one of many factors behind marine destruction that humans are guilty of. Many other species have problems with damaged habitats.

Another example of human beings destroying their environment and the initial species that live there is normally Hawaiian Ocean turtles. The turtles have become endangered because of lack of habitat. The overwhelming existence of humans in the turtle’s habitat is making is usually harder for turtles to locate areas where they can lay their eggs. The increased loss of nesting sites if hurting the reproduction of sea turtles because unpopulated beaches are becoming harder to find. Ocean turtles contain an affinity for several beaches and when they can not lay their eggs right now there they must find new areas that may take time. Other explanations why the turtles are staying threatened will be pollution of the sea and netting. Pollution in the form of particles is killing turtles. They can ingest the plastic particles and it makes it hard to get the nourishment needed from the meals they eat. Netting is definitely another killer of turtles. Fishing nets lay out by commercial fisherman are a definite killer of ocean turtles in the Hawaiian Islands. ( Erosion of beaches as well hurts the ocean turtle population. The lack of beach power turtles to lay their eggs in a small area. When humans make an effort to stop or lessen erosion it disturbs the turtles even more. Sea surfaces, canals, jetties, and sandbagging are things that are being used by humans to avoid erosion, but they are hurting the turtles more than they are supporting them. They need dry land so that you can lay their eggs and these structures will be deducing land even further. Fibropapilloma Tumors are a serious threat and so are beginning to arrive on turtles in Hawaii and other areas with many sea turtles. These were first observed in turtles around 1930, but it wasn’t until 1980 that the tumors started to show up in epidemic proportions. The green turtles had been the sole known species to really have the tumors, but it has recently been discovered in various other turtle species. The most effected regions of the world happen to be Hawaii, Florida, and Australia. (

All of the threats to turtle people are hurting their hopes of survival. But people out to help the sea turtles such as for example Denise Parker who works together with a marine turtle software in Honolulu, Hawaii, have worked hard and the population of marine ocean turtles has truly been increasing recently. The turtle’s population is coming up from endangered and threatened to a safe number, but that isn’t far enough for those who value the turtles. They continue steadily to help increase the inhabitants because they know they might start to decline again if indeed they didn’t have any support. Many groups including the Marine Turtles Research Software and the National Marine Fisheries Provider are helping to regain the turtles in Hawaii. Additionally, there are many individuals whose work with the sea turtles possess helped in preserving them and their natural environment. One of these people is definitely Ken Nichols. Nichols is usually a supporter of turtles and he’s trying to make the people aware of the surroundings in the Hawaiian Islands. He feels that the main thing we can do is conserve the wilderness and seashores from expansion. We have to educate persons about the turtles especially children. When asked about how we can save the environment and the habitat of turtles as well as other species Nichols said, „That is obviously a hard task as the population continues to grow, which means we are regularly expanding into wild areas which assist bio-diversity of all types. I believe the greatest activity is education of kids and better use

of the existing areas we are employing.“

These two ideas, are good examples of how the human race destroys the environment around them. We continue to hurt our wildlife, but there are people out there to fight the pollution and destruction due to large corporations and businesses. The Endangered Species Work of 1973 has got helped tremendously in the challenge for survival of species just like the turtles in Hawaii along with other threatened and endangered species of out planet. ( This take action prohibits the even more destruction or death of the species. By the Endangered Species Action, citizens of america are prohibited from bringing an endangered or threatened species, declared by the U.S. Fish and Wilidlife Services, from its environment whether on United Says‘ soil or in its waters. Punishment if caught breaking the lwas rather in this work are as follows; 25,000 dollars if caught violating the rules listed above, 12,000 forknowingly taking part in the importing or exporting of such species. Anybody who otherwise violates any provision of the Work, or any regulation, permit, or certificate issued hereunder, could be assessed a civil penalty by the Secretary of not more than $500 for each and every such violation. (

Although this act is a wonderful step towards the restoration of threatened and endangered species various feel the work isn’t worth the money. A proposed amendment to the Endangered Species Act threatened many aspects of the project. The proposed „amendment“ was an attempt to undermine the project of funding and political support. The amendment to section 403 of the Endangered Species Take action would literally wipe out a lot of the endangered species safeguarded by this costs. „The sea turtles of Hawaii wouldn’t stand a probability if the amendment could have passed,“ explained supporters of the Endangered Species Act and endangered species around the world, „We can not just let them get back what we have worked so hard for.“ Shrimp nets only destroy 55,000 turtles a calendar year in the Hawaiian Islands. ( If the Endangered Species Work is undermined where will these endangered species convert? Some senators who assist the amendments to undermine the take action are back congress for another term and many look and feel the amendments to the Endangered Species Work will be brought up again and re-voted. (http://www, Senator Slade Gorton was one supporter of the bill to undermine the Endangered Species Act.

Are these accusations of inhumanity and insufficient look after nature completely true about Senator Gorton? On Senator Gorton’s internet site (, he reveals his compassion for character. A letter thanking him for his help on saving trees and many streams in his house condition of Washington from the Sierra club was one particular article bringing up problems of whether he was so bad. Others seem to believe otherwise, nonetheless it is hard to tell without actually learning him or all his work.

Many other regulations and acts have been implemented to avoid the decline in populace of several endangered and threatened species. One it the Marine Mammal Act, which protects the many species inside our oceans. The Clean Normal water and Clean Air acts were likewise adopted to help safeguard these endangered species from individual threats. One of these of how human beings have hurt many numerous species of pets or animals is pesticides, especially the pesticide DDT, that was used in World War II to keep insects away from soldiers. Following the war, the pesticide was brought back to america and used extremely carelessly. DDT seeped in to the streams and contaminated nearly every species that ate fish or other animals that had been contaminated with DDT. From the contaminated fish the pesticide gone up the food chain and began eliminating off the bald eagles. Following the compound DDT was nationally banned in 1973 the novelty helmet has begun to make a comeback like most of the other species affected by our carelessness. (Discovery, „The NOVELTY HELMET“). Just for the reason that Bald Eagle is the symbol of our region does that mean we have extra of an obligation to safeguard it compared to the sea turtles?

Hopefully we are able to stop the amendments one more time, but if they are made what will happen to the animals that be based upon it? We have the obligations to protect these animals. We have placed them in this situation in fact it is our fault a number of these species will be endangered today. We cannot continue steadily to let them slip away if we can do something positive about it.

Many organizations want to keep these laws in place. Others who believe that our money is going to more worthy causes, despite the fact that we personally are in charge of the decline in lots of species. I think we must support the regulations that are in effect as of right now and try to get better funding for the institutions that are already in place. We don’t need new laws, we need to help and support fund the types we curently have. The U.S. Seafood and Wildlife Service is probably the big corporations that helps protect the endangered species along with helping to educate and fund different small organizations that can do their part aswell.

It might not be simple to get funding for programs just like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but we are able to achieve this target if we work hard. Among how we can help protect our endangered wildlife is we are able to implement a tax which will provide funds to these programs. We can add a tax to firms who donate to the destruction of the environment. For instance, if a company produces pollution they must be forced to pay out a tax. We can place a standard tax for all businesses and corporations who do this or we can base the amount owed by the amount valence number definition of pollution or sum of destruction due to the corporation on the surroundings. For companies that people cannot tell how much accurately contribute to the destruction of the environment, we can require a foundation sum. A starting bottom sum could be 500 dollars a year for all your companies who donate to the destroying of the planet earth. We can assemble a committee of U.S. Fish and Wildlife agents to assess the amount of pollution a provider produces and a fitting cost for that pollution.

It might take a time to place this proposal into result. If we anticipated the sluggish advancement of passing regulations in congress it would consider six or seven years to put into action this law. It wouldn’t have a lot of cash, but definitely some cash would be required. It would take several thousand to market if it wasn’t donated by a organization who felt strongly about the problem at hand. I’d think an estimate of about $500,00-60,000 dollars would very easily cover the expenses of advertising, salaries for workers and any other expenditures. Donations and fundraisers would be used to build up enough money to find the support of the people.

When I talked about my proposal with my friend, she felt that it was a good thought and that the companies just like the U.S. Seafood and Wildlife Program need the amount of money to study and set up programs to save lots of endangered species and these courses need funds. She felt it could be hard to receive the bill passed because congressmen own ties with big corporations that pollute plus they wouldn’t need to pay fees. So most likely the proposal would be stopped. Although she didn’t start to see the costs being passed she said that if we accumulate enough cash to advertise and receive the support of the persons, congressmen would be forced to vote for the bill or they might not really be reelected. If she’s strong feelings about this subject, I’m sure nearly all this society is concerned about the surroundings and about our future.

We need to try to get funds for applications and organizations that support endangered and threatened species. Many corporations depend on donations and funds from supporters. We need to find methods for getting more money for these programs and the proposal of taxes on corporations who pollute is merely one possibility.

Everyone contributes to the destruction of the environment and we all have to do our part to greatly help the species we are killing off. Species like the Pacific Salmon, who were threatened by the Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989. As well as other species like the ocean turtles in Hawaii who had been on the verge of extinction until a recently available turn around as a result of help from organizations and people. Individuals who take the responsibility upon their shoulders and generate it their business to make up for all the people who could care significantly less what happens to their environment. We need to protect the environment form the persons who seek to destroy it for money and success. I think the wonder of the ocean will probably be worth keeping. Every creature and every exclusive species can be a creature worth saving. We don’t have the proper to kill those that aren’t as wise or complex as us. They contain just as mush to the Earth as we carry out. We don’t have the proper to over seafood herring in Alaska or cut down all the trees in rain forests just for money and the income these resources create.